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These were the words that Yasmin Group founder Tan Sri Rahmat Abu Bakar told his son and then company director (now chairman) Mohamad Nuhairi Rahmat during the Asian financial crisis of 1997. Despite the downturn which left companies across Asia reeling, Yasmin Group remained resolute in keeping its employees; not one was retrenched during this difficult time. It was one of the proudest moments in the company’s long and successful history, and reinforced Tan Sri Rahmat Abu Bakar’s commitment to his staff as a fair and judicious employer.

Family is a very important component of Yasmin Group, as are family values like trust, loyalty and respect. The founder, who is still very much involved with the business as mentor to younger staff members, has made it his hallmark to treat not just employees as family, but also clients. This in turn has lead to long-lasting business relationships built on the foundations of mutual trust, dependability and friendship.

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