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Carving a niche in diversity

Yasmin Group is built on the foundation of ensuring constant growth within the pillars of family values, business diversity, reliability, efficiency and quality. This home-grown Malaysian conglomerate has grown from strength to strength over the years since it was founded on April 4th, 1980. On that date, Yasmin Group founder Tan Sri Rahmat Abu Bakar set up Yasmin Enterprise, a trading company named after his beloved wife and steadfast partner in his hometown of Alor Star, in the northern Malaysian state of Kedah.
Through prudent investment and by seizing opportunities within niche markets, Yasmin Enterprise matched the astounding rate of growth of the newly-industrialised Malaysia in the 1990s, branching out into a variety of new businesses, while at all times maintaining its founder’s ideals, of trust and respect, in all business dealings.
When Malaysia started its national car project in 1983, Tan Sri Rahmat saw the potential to be part of this ground-breaking initiative. The firm’s involvement with Proton Holdings has lasted over 20 years, through Yasmin Jurumuda (previously known as Jurumuda Sdn Bhd), Malaysia’s premier rust-proofing company.

With the addition of many new branches of business, Yasmin Enterprise soon grew to become Yasmin Holdings, and eventually spawned Yasmin Group, based in the business-centric capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Yasmin Group and its related companies have become a successful, multi-million dollar conglomerate with a recorded annual turnover of RM228million (USD 71million) and has set its sights on becoming a major international business entity.

Business Diversity

Yasmin Group has evolved to become a top Malaysian business conglomerate and has carved a name for itself in providing value-for-money international standard products and services. Yasmin Group’s commitment to its clients is reflected in the Group going beyond expectations, which is part of its family-oriented style of doing business. Every business venture is considered as an extension of family ties, and Yasmin Group partners are always accorded the utmost respect and trust, as one would a family member.
Companies under the umbrella of Yasmin Group are now involved in a range of strategic industries from real estate to oil and gas, education, high-end technology, agriculture and consumer services. As a holding company, Yasmin Group has expanded greatly with the successes charted by its key subsidiaries involved in rust-proofing of vehicles, biometrics, on-shore and off-shore pipeline maintenance and healthcare education.

At Yasmin Group, human capital is ranked the number one asset and relationships are built strong and true from the start with both employees and clients. The expertise of Yasmin Group’s staff is key to give Yasmin Group the edge over its competitors.

Building Strategic Relationships

Yasmin Group forms strategic business partnerships with leading companies from around the world and is focused and determined on building secure and long term relationships that are mutually beneficial to the partners.

Among our partners are T.D. Williamson, Inc., the world’s most recognized name in pipeline equipment and services whom we have worked together with since 1995 to complete various highly challenging projects in the oil and gas industry; Safran Group (formerly known as Sagem SA France), a high technology group with leadership positions in aerospace, defense and security; and Han Val Incorporated (formerly known as Houghton Corporation), a Korean chemical company.

Our 15 years partnership with Safran Group has led to the “Smart Partnership” Award by the Malaysian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Continuity of Business

Despite their continuing success, the firm’s directors are not resting on their laurels and are determined to seek continuity of business. New advancements are made every day into the local and international arena, namely in the fields of aviation, education, property investment and global trade, through strategic business partnerships with reputable partners globally.

Yasmin Education Division

In 2007, Yasmin Group added another dimension to its sphere with the formation of the Yasmin Education Division.
This new direction is consistent with the Group’s vision to be a value creating global corporation thru providing essential services in niche and strategic sectors.

in 2008, the Division began with the creation of a healthcare educational facility focusing on nursing and allied health sciences, eventually expanding to include a medical school and hospital.

At Yasmin Group, no business is too small or too big. Every enterprise is given the absolute maximum of care and attention to detail. Successes are shared with partners and employees. Since its beginnings, Yasmin Group has marched on a path built on the foundations of an innovative future and unceasing growth.

The firm’s entrenched belief that it should focus on niche undertakings without foresaking the ideals of its founder, has won Yasmin Group accolades for being a dedicated, trusted and innovative conglomerate that does business in a holistic way.

Yasmin Group – Growing with you towards successful partnership.

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